Badminton England – Registration and Insurance
In line with other local leagues, all players in SBL matches must be registered with Badminton England and the registration number advised to SBL Committee before any matches
are played.








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2019 - 2020 forms for both Mixed 6s and Medley 4s



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GDPR Statement

To comply with GDPR we confirm that we shall only keep the personal details which you give us to enable us to administer the Stevenage Badminton League.

Phone numbers and first names only will be put on the public Contacts page of the website. Last names and email addresses will only be accessible by club administrators' passwords. All group emails will be sent using blind copies.

By continuing to be part of the Stevenage Badminton League you are deemed to agree to the above conditions. If you wish to withdraw from the league you may do so at any time.